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    Amateur Radio FCC Exam Registration

FRN (FCC Registration Number)

First of all, you need to obtain an FRN
  • FRN is defined as FCC Registration Number

  • If you have an FRN and know it,
      Enter it below.

  • If you have an FRN and don't remember it
  • If you don't have an FRN
    • Create an account on the CORES website
      • When you click the link below

      • User a username/email that you would be able to notice FCC emails
      • Write it down

      • Use a unique password
      • Write it down

      • Fill in the rest of the information
      • Write it down

      • Keep this information where you can find it a few years from now

      • Click here now to obtain your new FRN
FRN:   10 digits, don't forget the leading zeros

FCC fee proposal reduced from $50 to $35

All 4 astronauts aboard SpaceX launch are licensed hams!
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