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Welcome to the Lompoc Valley's ISS (International Space Station) webpage

We are located in Lompoc, Califonia, United States

Amateur Radio Callsigns for the ISS
  • NA1SS, United States
Current Crew
Where is the ISS?
Pass or fly over predictions
    Use the following for our location here in Lompoc...
    • CM94sq, grid square
    • Latitude / Longitude
    • LAT 34.70939N 34.70939deg north +34.70939deg 34deg 42.5642min 34deg 42min 33.644sec 34 42 33.644
      LON 120.46443W 120.46443deg west -120.46443deg 120deg 27.8651min 120deg 27min 51.51965sec 120 27 51.51965

Future location of the dynamic calendar
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