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NCS-ARC New California State Amateur Radio Club, proposed KF1NCS

Documentation to generate:
  • List of current officers
  • List of members, by suffix
    • K7AZ(E) Chris
    • KJ6OIL(E) Tim
    • KN6TGM(G) Brandon
    • KN6TSO(T) Gretchen
    • KN6TSP(T) Linda
    • KN6TSR(T) LeAnne
  • Bylaws
  • Charter, primary purpose devoted to amateur service activities consistent with FCC Part 97
  • Minutes
  • License Trustee, designated by an offiser of the club. An amateur can only be the trustee of one valid club station.
Ref: ARRL - Club Call Signs

FCC fee for new, renewal and vanity applications now $35
Upgrades and contact info changes are free.

Testing sessions now on the 1st Saturdays of the month at SARC Clubhouse at 1100hrs, 2 hours before the membership meetings.

FCC fee proposal reduced from $50 to $35
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